Stay. Meet the Team.

Meet The Team

Happy people make our world go 'round.

These are the incredible people responsible for taking care of our guests and to whom we owe a major part of our charisma and success. Please allow us to introduce you to some of their best qualities and embarrassing features.

Filipa Neves

General Manager

Behind theperfect teeth and perfect hair hides a rather available and open soul always ready to help and give pieces of advice on just about anything.

Passionate about nature and outdoor activities, yet give her a couch and a chocolate cake (big one) and she will not get off until it is over – professionalism above all: what she starts, she finishes.

With so much going on all the time, her bff – the appointment book – never leaves her side.

Diana R.

Front Office Manager

Many times referred to as “the sweetest receptionist”, she’s also the head of this department.

Born in Leiria, yet knows all that matters of beautiful Lisbon.

With a huge desire to travel and meeting new people, she loves the whole world, and the whole world loves her.

Oh, and chocolate. She loves chocolate!

Diana M.


A small girl with a big smile – she is the right person for a warm welcome!

As a typical Lisbon girl who likes to walk and enjoy beautiful views, you can count on her for inside suggestions and a sweet and subtle sense of humour.

Classy and intelectual, she’ll get inspired by almost everything, and that’s cool.


Night Auditor

Brazilian by birth but a worl nomad in the heart, Renato has lived over the past 3 years in mountainy Ireland. Recently conquered by sunny Lisbon, he says he's here to stay- and so we hope!

According to him, there is no dilema big enough that can't be solved by traveling. If you're one night owl and could use some help planning your next great adventure, stop by reception late hours et voilá! He can tell you lots about it. That and cooking, why not?



Our own Lady MacGyver - is yet to appear a task she cannot fend.

Always ready to make your day better with a joke and a smile, don’t let her friendliness fool you – she is the toughest of the sweetest girls around here.



Natural from his beloved coastline of Lisbon, but in love with the city center.

His love for music in general goes beyond the normal – it’s like he breaths it, all.the.time.

If you are in a hurry, do avoid him: he believes in long conversations. If you want good information he is the guy, a detailed one.



Also known as the Ninja of LSS.

He’s everywhere but you won’t see him.

Sometimes he’s behind the counter, some other times he’s putting up some new paintings around the hall.

He’s even baking some cakes for breakfast.


Concierge / Night Auditor

Natural from Cape Verde, he’s the one with the biggest smile.

In his heart he keeps all the sweetness of the world.

Passionate about music you will find him singing to himself in a quiet night. If you’re sad for some reason, please look at him, you’ll be happy instantly.



This smiling young man was raised down south in Algarve, but it's in Lisbon that his light shines the brightest.

This receptionist is not only the cutest owl around, but also the one with the best dance moves, and passionate about the waves, the sea and the beach.

Nothing fishy about him.



He’s the man: whether you’re looking for some tourist tips, help with the bags, or even just a little chit-chat about the weather:
he’s always there for you.

If he isn’t, he’s probably daydreaming about his next dance show. Just wake him up!


Housekeeping Manager

Every family has its mother.

Nice is the loving and caring mamma who walks around everywhere and check if everything's in order, clean and impeccable, and making sure that you're eating well.